A group like The Chad Mitchell Trio comes along only once in a lifetime... a powerful message, a rare blend of incredible voices and a stage presence that is exciting and approaches musical perfection.  Chad Mitchell, Joe Frazier and Mike Kobluk set a standard that has never been equaled.

During the 1960's, The Chad Mitchell Trio was much more than a folk group.  In their early twenties, three talented, clean cut and energetic young men burst upon the musical scene with a unique sound and style.  But it was their social consciousness that set them apart.  They were not afraid to speak their minds and sing from their hearts.

Certainly, they could have opted to play it safe and project a traditional folk song repertoire.  But, it was never their way.  Their beliefs and their honesty took precedence.  Their satirical interpretations of our social agenda and the world in which we live had been reflected throughout their existence.

Unfortunately, "The John Birch Society," "Twelve Days of Christmas," "Barry's Boys," "Which Hat Shall I Wear," and so many other of their songs of social relevance, did not receive the airplay, wide acclaim and popularity of traditional folk songs.  Even with the multiple apparances at Carnegie Hall, concerts in every major folk venue, TV appearances on The Bell Telephone Hour, Hootenany, The Dinah Shore Show, The Ed Sullivan Show, The Pat Boone Show, The Bob Newhart Show, the Today and Tonight shows, and hit songs "Lizzie Borden" and Tom Paxton's "The Marvelous Toy," The Chad Mitchell Trio never matched the broad appeal of other folks icons, The Kingston Trio and Peter Paul & Mary.